202.7 sq.m.
3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms
1 swimming pool


This is a perfect choice for a family that prefers spaces and privacy. The spacious first floor is designed to provide full tranquility. The furniture can be installed freely to fit all needs. The kitchen is separated in order to prevent unwanted odors.

The house is designed according to the direction of the wind. In summer, the wind usually blows from the South to the North. The wind that blows through the swimming pool in the backyard will be cooled down. As a result, the heat that reaches the house will be reduced and the house is therefore cooler than any other houses. The stair hall in front of the house has open space to help transfer the air to the living room, making it cool and comfortable all day long.

The west part of the house is the part that faces the direct sunlight in the afternoon. The space is used as a garage that enables the air to circulate in any directions. On the second floor, the bathroom and the dressing room are on the west side, in order to protect the heat for the house during the day time.

The wood laths are also installed to protect the house from direct sunlight. Under each lath is a space for the air conditioners compressor. That way the compressor can be well hidden.

First Floor.

2 parking space. living room.

1 bathroom.

dining room. 

pantry. Thai kitchen.

washing area.  3 Storage.

Second Floor.

3 bedroom.

2 bathroom.